Invest In Gold: 3 Top Tips About Gold Investing


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Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is well-known as one of the favorite choices of investors who want security as well as growth in their portfolio. However the reasons that make gold a favorite are often not that widely understood. Here are four reasons why you might want to invest in gold.

Why invest in Gold Reason 1: Gold is Rare

One of the most well-known and fundamental principles of economics is that value is inversely proportional to supply. This means that rare assets in demand are more precious than more widely available assets. Gold is one of the rarest assets on earth — every year only 2,500 tons of gold is mined across the world. This is much less than the demand for gold, and assures us that it will continue to remain highly valued. Why invest in gold? Because it is a rare metal and will continue to be rare for the foreseeable future.

Why invest in Gold Reason 2: The Rise of India and China

India, despite not being a rich country, is the largest consumer of gold, with China at second place. However, both the countries are expected to grow much faster than developed countries for the next few decades. Among other things, we can expect the demand for gold to rise from these countries, as their rich citizens buy more and more of their favorite metal with their new income. This rise of India and China is another good reason why to invest in gold is one of the best choices you can make.

Why invest in Gold Reason 3: Global Economic Crisis

After the housing bubble of 2008, the world economy is undergoing one crisis after another. Countries such as Spain and Greece are facing a risk of defaulting on their debts, and growth in Europe has slowed to a crawl. This brings us to the third reason why you should invest in gold right now: gold is the best asset to own at times of crisis, including the current financial turmoil. This explains why gold prices are close to their all time highs, with potential to go much higher.

Why invest in Gold Reason 4: Global Currency Devaluation

Why invest in gold reason 4 arose out of the factor mentioned in reason 3: due to the global economic crisis that we are undergoing right now, central banks of the leading countries are taking steps that are helping the gold price go even higher. For example, the Federal Reserve is right now pursuing a policy of monetary easing for the third time in four years. Under this policy the Fed buys debt and housing securities at market value. This increases the amount of dollars in circulation, which in turn reduces the value of the dollar. Result: the value of assets that are measured in dollars, such as gold, go up. This is why Global currency devaluation is our reason number 4 for why you should invest in gold now.

People are lining up to buy gold, as seen by the fact that the world’s largest gold ETF currently owns more gold than the central bank of all except the richest 7 countries. The four reasons mentioned above should have explained why that is so — gold is an attractive metal, not just for your eyes, but also for your portfolio.

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